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For men, style or fashion is often a last priority. It’s normal for a guy to throw on jeans and a t-shirt and run out the door. While many women are criticized if they don’t go out looking their best, men can often get away with a casual and slouchy look.

However, the men who dress for success are typically the ones who achieve it. Your style can say a lot about you when you walk into a room - either to a potential employer or a potential date. A man’s style is unique to him, but can center around some important cornerstones and articles that can make or break a look. Perhaps you’re thinking: how can I improve my style without knowing a ton about fashion or without coming off too self-absorbed? The key is in the details.

Neck Ties: The days are long gone when ties were reserved for business meetings and cocktail parties. While you should own a few ties in your collection that are reserved for special occasions, it’s extremely stylish to wear a tie casually as well. A good tie with a buttoned up collar shirt and fitted slacks is perfect for a day out, casual date, or a casual office setting. A pop of color down the center of the body draws attention and streamlines the torso, emphasizing strength and height.

Pocket Square: It may seem like just a little square of fabric, but a pocket square can take your style to the next level all at once. If you’re wearing a suit jacket, chances are you can tuck in a pocket square and elevate your look immediately. Again, they add a pop of color and can emphasize the width of the chest and shoulders, adding a fashionable statement without sacrificing masculinity.

Sock: These days, socks are one of the strongest cornerstones of men’s fashion. TV personalities and celebrities are using them to make a statement all the time. Think about it - when watching an interview on TV, usually men cross their ankles over their knee and their socks are visible. Wearing brightly colored and sophisticated looking socks is a great way to make an impression and be memorable. Match them to your other accessories to achieve a cohesive and stylish altogether look. They don’t have to be silly or goofy to be brightly colored or have a sophisticated argyle pattern.

Outside of the details, it’s important to remember things like color matching, making sure your clothes fit your body perfectly, and making sure your outfit is always appropriate for the occasion. But if you’re just starting out to improve your style, you could always start small with these details.

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