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Men’s Fashion Trend 2017

2016 was a year that men’s fashion trend had several insights, from fitted suits to colorful sock, oxford shoes and more.

Men were more receptive to fashion and many young men wanted and desired to improve their style. In 2016, more young men started looking for ways to keep up with these trends; thank God for facebook group like ‘Real men Real style’ which plays a vital role in helping many people dress for success.

Now, what will 2017 bring us in regards to men’s fashion? Well, we believe that fashion will build more momentum as many more millennials and Igen will dive into fashion as a channel to improving their overall look. Think about it, social media has become influential as people are always posting pictures of themselves on social media. One of the reasons you see frequent post on social media platform is for people to showcase their latest outfit, trending styles and best quality product (who wouldn’t want to showcase an outfit that looks great). It’s with much speculation that 2017 will bring unique and colorful fashion trend, and we believe that it will impact the below areas:

Socks: Colorful socks was big in 2016 and will get even bigger in 2017 as men are trying to add more contrast to their style. Men are going to need more stylish collections and colorful socks which will dominate this area. The days where men just pick up any socks and wear are gone; now your socks have to match your outfit, and a good way to start is to wear socks that match your necktie.

Neck Tie: Although some argue that ties may be going obsolete, I don’t believe so. Maybe the boring color of tie’s are going obsolete but bright colored Neck ties will be trending this year because it captures people’s attention almost instantly and when you wear it with the right sock combination or accessory, you can be rest assured that you will receive great compliments.

Shoes: More attention will be put into shoes this year because a good shoe plays a vital role in a man’s dressing. I once saw a man that was very well dressed in a suit and I almost wanted to ask him where he got the outfit from, but when I saw that he was wearing beat-up sneakers, my total impression of the guy changed because the shoes spoiled his effort to be stylish. We recommend going for good quality oxford shoes for formal occasion because as you show off your socks, people will be looking at your shoes as well, so you want to wear a shoe that will complement the socks and create a wow factor for you.

Fragrances: Not many men wear fragrances and some that do buy cheap body spray which does not act as a good fragrance. In 2016 there very many new fragrances from popular brands like Paco Robane, Gucci, Giorgio Armani and many others which were sort after by men. This year, the demand for Men’s fragrance will increase as many more men are embracing fashion. We advise looking for fragrances that are not too strong but have a long-lasting smile. Also, try and avoid seasonal cologne because chances are that you may not finish it before the season runs out and the new season will bring more great smiling fragrances that may render the old one un-useful if you are someone that is always updating your fragrance.

Colorful shirts, smart watches, and sunglass will also dominate men’s fashion world this year so when you want to upgrade your 2017 wardrobe, put these tips into consideration because it will help you to style yourself for success and look good as well.

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