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Looking elegant is everyone’s dream, but sometimes we relate dapper looks to things that are extremely expensive and high end which isn’t necessarily true.

You can dress and look elegant without the need to wear extremely expense outfit. Let’s say you are at an event or function and you see two men who are both well dressed in a blue suit. One is wearing a high-end suit with a tie and the other is wearing a moderate and reasonably priced suit with a tie and other accessories like the pocket square, lapel pin, tie bar and maybe some bracelet as well.

In this scenario, which one would you give a compliment as best dressed? I have to say the man that was fully accessorized because naturally we humans tend to pay more attention to the contrasting nature of any object. Also, based on how we process the things we see, the man with the accessories is more likely to get a much better compliment because the accessories will draw attention to our human eyes which will in-turn capture our interest.

My point here is not for you to stay away from extremely high-end products if you can afford it, but the goal here is to educate our fellow men that want to look elegant but think that they can’t afford it, to know that there are other alternatives available to use in looking elegant and receiving  great compliments.

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